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Knight Hall & Bauer Hall: Opening Day - March 17, 2014

A great photo set from opening day of Olin Business School’s new ($90M) Knight Hall & Bauer Hall on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis. [link embedded in title of this post] 

This is my home away from home for just one more month of classes.  I feel so lucky every time I step foot inside this place - it’s just stunning.

every once in a while, the internet gives you a gem.  this video is one of them and I love it.  way to go Dissolve…way to have a sense of humor about the work you do. and props to Kendra Eash for calling a spade a spade in her clever dose of prose (posted earlier, below).

We think first
Of vague words that are synonyms for progress
And pair them with footage of a high-speed train.

Is doing lots of stuff
That may or may not have anything to do with us.

See how this guy in a lab coat holds up a beaker?
That means we do research.
Here’s a picture of DNA.

There are a shitload of people in the world
Especially in India
See how we’re part of the global economy?
Look at these farmers in China.

But we also do business in the U.S.A.
Or want you to think we do.
Check out this wind energy thing in Indiana,
And this blue collar guy with dirt on his face.

Also, we care about the environment, loosely.
Here’s some powerful, rushing water
And people planting trees.
Our policies could be related to these panoramic views of Costa Rica.

In today’s high speed environment,
Stop motion footage of a city at night
With cars turning quickly
Makes you think about doing things efficiently
And time passing.

Lest you think we’re a faceless entity,
Look at all these attractive people.
Here’s some of them talking and laughing
And close-ups of hands passing canned goods to each other
In a setting that evokes community service.

And advancement
Are all words we chose from a list.

Our profits
are awe-inspiring.
Like this guy who’s looking up and pointing
At a skyscraper or a kite
While smiling and explaining something to his child.

Using a specific ratio
of Asian people to Black people to Women to White men
We want to make sure we represent your needs and interests
Or at least a version of your skin color
In our ads.

Did we put a baby in here?
What about an ethnic old man whose wrinkled smile represents
the happiness and wisdom of the poor?

Kendra Eash


HeartBEEP. [HEARTbeat]

#Starbucks #tarSbucks

now THAT’S a good friend, wouldn’t you say?

now THAT’S a good friend, wouldn’t you say?

4 Buildings. 1 Olin.

Can’t wait to see our new facilities when I’m back on campus after spring break.  Glad I get to take a few classes in the new digs before I graduate. That atrium and Frick Forum are gorgeous.  Love all the natural light streaming into the place.  Nice work, Wash U.

Tonight I saw the children in their rooms
Little flowers all in bloom
Burning suns and silver moon
And somehow in that starry sky
The image of the Maker lies
Right here beneath my roof tonight

(So hold on tight, I’m a)
World traveler [ … ]

Andrew Peterson

Browsing Facebook over the last week or so, I’m reminded how adventurous and culture-curious my Olin classmates are.  Off the top of my head I can list Rio, Buenos Aires, Tokyo (I was there this time last year), Cozumel, Saint Martin, Venice, Brussels (& Brugge too!), London, Edinburgh, NYC, SF - and let us not forget Breckenridge - as current locales of my St. Louis cohorts.  [And I’m sure I’ve missed a few destinations.]

I was telling Sarah about all these fabulous globe trotting people and she reminded me of the great Andrew Peterson song, World Traveler, in which Andrew reminds us all that “world travel” doesn’t have to involve passports, the TSA and jet lag.  It’s such a brilliant song and there’s a part in it where the music is so good - during the transition from the chorus to the bridge - that I get goosebumps every time i hear it.  The quote above comes from the 3rd verse.  

Sar and I now have two little kiddos sleeping under our roof (the littlest one is sleeping sweetly on my lap as a type this) and our traveling adventures as a family of four are just getting started.

Becca the iPhone photographer

not only did Becca snap some fun candids of her mom at the hospital, she also requested that her parents pose for a series of “pise” pics, otherwise known as Surprise Face photos. she had previously been educated in this concept by both her father & her aunt RaRa.

figured these were worth sharing.

p.s. we were running on a combined 3 hrs of sleep when these were taken.